Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • Rake - 4 Psychological Tricks To Know if You Want the Job
Think back to high school or college. Ever find yourself sitting in a psychology class wondering why you had to be there? Us, too. But it turns out that those required classes could actually have a huge impact on our...
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  • Rake - Quick Guide for Sending Great Emails
We live in a society where communication is instant. Text-messages send in milliseconds and responses come just as quick. However, we must establish a distinction between friendly and professional communication, a distinction that is easy to blur. Whether you’re speaking...
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  • Rake - 10 Signs You Should Consider Quitting Your Job
Stuck in a job you hate? We’ve all been there! And guess what? That’s okay. Considering and possibly quitting your job is always difficult, but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, leaving a bad situation can often...
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