In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of mindfulness for job seekers, including mental clarity and organization. And even for individuals who might not usually practice mindfulness, incorporating positive psychology into one’s life during a job search can make the process a lot easier.

The practice of mindfulness is very similar to the utilization of mantras, especially in the sense that repeating mantras is not necessarily a common practice for the average individual. However, they can still have an extremely positive effect on a person’s job search and aid the process.

So what is a mantra, and how exactly does it help?

A mantra is a phrase of your choice that is repeated in what some people consider prayer or meditation. Put more simply however, a mantra is just a statement you tell yourself over and over again, usually out loud, much like affirmations. And while mantras originated in Hindu and Buddhist religions as hymns, they are no longer always associated with religion, and are widely popular in the secular world.

In order to increase confidence throughout the job search process, one may find repeating mantras extremely useful. Additionally, these statements can be applied to many different aspects of the job search process. Check out all the ways to use mantras during your job search below:

When You’re Not Feeling so Confident:

  • I will find a job.
  • I don’t have to be perfect to get hired.
  • Action conquers fear.

Before the Interview:

  • I will bring the best version of myself to this interview.
  • I am qualified for this position.
  • I will make strong eye contact, sit comfortably in the chair, and relax my breathing.
  • Today is one just conversation in my career.

After the Interview:

  • I did my best. I gave my all! Whatever happens was meant to be.
  • I believe I am valuable and worthy, and a meaningful opportunity is coming to me soon. I am worthy of this!

While Networking:

  • The next person I talk to could change my life.
  • People want to know me as much as I want to know them.
  • Networking is not schmoozing.

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