Think back to high school or college. Ever find yourself sitting in a psychology class wondering why you had to be there? Us, too. But it turns out that those required classes could actually have a huge impact on our future – if we know how to adapt what we learned.

Re-familiarizing yourself with these psychological tricks will be useful in all life situations, because psychology controls nearly everything we do. We think you’ll find this information particularly helpful during your job search, as you’d be surprised how something as seemingly insignificant as the way you sit could have an impact on your future.

4 Psychological Tricks To Know As a Job Seeker:

1. Pay more attention to the interviewer, and less attention to yourself

Studies show that complimenting your interviewer and the company with which you’re interviewing leads to more successful job searches, while on the contrary self-promoting actually hurt the interviewee. Obviously it’s important to discuss with any interviewer why you’re best for the job, but don’t go overboard, but be sure to share your interest in them too. This advice can stand for any situation; paying more attention to others than you do yourself automatically makes you more likeable!

2. Talk to yourself

We know, a little cheesy. But talking to yourself in the mirror before a job interview (or any important event) actually pumps you up enough to improve your performance. We know you’re awesome, and often the only thing holding you back from showing that to others that is the limitations you put on yourself! Think about the last time you did something great, or just assure yourself that you’ll rock this meeting. We promise, it works.

3. Picture what you want

Some people claim that if you send positive vibes into the Universe, the Universe will give you positive things back. But let’s take a look at the scientific perspective. Psychological studies show that when you have a positive mindset, you are more likely to succeed. In reality, mental imagery and optimistic ideology actually do work. While imagining yourself getting a job won’t automatically make it happen, it will put you into the mindset necessary to achieve that goal.

4. Watch your body language

As you probably know, body language can often speak much louder than words, but it’s important to be aware of the way your body is moving when you’re having a professional conversation. Some recommendations include continually showing a high level of energy and enthusiasm, and keeping a positive expression on your face, even sometimes when the other person isn’t (although mirroring his or her body language is usually advisable). Additionally, eye contact, nodding to show understanding, and a varying tone of voice help make a positive impact on the person with whom you’re conversing.

Overall, the power of psychology is a huge determining factor in the job search process. Things that might seem silly, like the time of the day at which you speak with someone, could actually end up having a huge impact on your future. We definitely recommend brushing the dust off your old textbook and doing a bit of studying. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready to start your search!