Whether you’re searching for your first full time role, or making a big career move,  the job search can wear you down. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t hear back from a company or get a rejection email. But we all go through it at one time or another, and there are several strategies you can employ in order to stay motivated while looking for fulfilling work.

One of our favorites is to watch inspiring TED Talks! These thought leaders and industry experts have all had experience in the career sector. Some in more traditional roles, like human resources, others with brutal job search stories themselves. Here are a few we recommend watching.

  1. Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume by Regina Hartley

In her experience as a human resources executive, Hartley has found that the right hires don’t always have perfect backgrounds and resumes. She explains why she hires them anyway in this video, which provides great motivation for those who feel they may not be as qualified for some roles as their competition.

  1. How to find work you love by Scott Dinsmore

As someone who didn’t enjoy his work, Dinsmore began researching people who actually did. In this talk he explains what he learned after years of studying, and then doing, meaningful work through his organization Live Your Legend.

  1. 3 questions to unlock your authentic career By Ashley Stahl

After some personal soul searching of her own, Stahl built a career around helping others leave jobs they feel stuck in and find work they love. In her talk she reveals the three important questions job seekers should ask that can help provide some serious clarity around an authentic career.

  1. Why you will fail to have a great career by Larry Smith

In this entertaining talk, economist Smith explains why people make excuses for not following their passions and having great careers. It will motivate you to not accept trade-offs and settle for less than what you’re capable of.

  1. The career advice you probably didn’t get by Susan Colantuono

Colantuono, the founder of Leading Women, shares a simple piece of advice you may not have considered in her talk. If you think you’re doing everything right and taking all the right advice, but still are not moving up or finding great work then this one is for you.

Do you have a favorite motivating TED Talk? If not, we hope these provide some value for you! When you’re ready to get out there and start your search, be sure to download Rake to help simplify the process.