With the new year approaching, many people will resolve to find a great new job and tackle their search with enthusiasm. One of the most important things job seekers can do in order to increase productivity is to become more organized. When job searching gets intense (which is usually what happens), it’s easy to forget which jobs you’re interested in, have already applied for, and whether or not you’ve followed up. Keeping track of application deadlines, interview times, and contact information can be nearly impossible without some sort of organization. Here are some tips for you to utilize in the new year to ensure increased productivity and better results.

1. Use Rake: Okay, we know we’re tooting our own horn here. But it’s the ultimate tool to simplify your job search! When you use Rake, you can save jobs (without those messy spreadsheets), prepare applications via to-do list and notes, and keep track of all your applications with reminders. Click here to download Rake.

2. Create a schedule: Dedicate a set time each day to the job search process. The length and time of day you choose is up to you, but if you’re currently unemployed, it may be a good idea to replace the time you’d be spending in a full time job with your search. Also remember that this allotted time doesn’t have to be spent only at your computer. Interviews and networking can fill your schedule as well. Find it hard to stick to a schedule? Check out this post about blocking your calendar to increase productivity.)

3. Do your job search in one place: Studies show that doing your work in one part of your home (or at one particular coffee shop or library) helps to increase productivity. This way, you can spend less time deciding where to job search and instead just get down to it!

4. Eliminate clutter: So you’ve chosen your home office as your designated job search headquarters – great! Now you want to make this productive decision isn’t rendered useless, if your office is cluttered. Clearing the space, organizing any paperwork or other items, and keeping it comfortable can go a long way.

5. Don’t use organization as procrastination: Yes, we know how good it can feel to have a beautiful Excel sheet or laminated labeled folders. However, we also know how easy it is to use organization as procrastination. Organize as much as you deem necessary, but don’t let your label maker distract you from the real job at hand – getting a job.

Ready to start your search? Download Rake today to skip the spreadsheets and simplify the whole process!