Searching for a new job can sometimes feel like a full time job. You want to be productive with your time and energy in order to find the right role. But the day doesn’t always go as planned, does it?

A rejection email in your inbox, a coffee spill right before an interview or a prolonged Internet outage can set you up for a tough morning. And a tough morning can lend itself to an unproductive day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are a few tips to turn the day around, lift your mood and get back on track to finding the perfect job:

  1. Boost your focus. Consider what may be causing you to lack focus in the first place. Did you get enough sleep last night? Did you eat breakfast? Have you had enough water? There are several reasons why your brain may not be functioning as it normally does. Grab a snack or a glass of water before getting back to work. Caffeine can also help boost focus – just be sure you’ve had enough water so you’re not dehydrated.
  1. Remove distractions. If you spent your morning on phone calls and feel like you’ve lost a lot of time, here’s a solution. Remove any distractions that may pull you away from the task at hand. Put your headphones on, turn notifications off on your phone that may alert you to activity on social media or other apps, and decide to check email at specific times throughout the day. Rake allows you to save jobs with one click, so you don’t need to open your email each time you see a job that you’re interested in.
  1. Take a break. If your day is off to a bad start, jumping right back into the job search isn’t always the best solution. Stepping away can help you gather your thoughts and refocus. Read an uplifting article from an inspiring thought leader, listen to an upbeat song or podcast, or just take a few deep breathes and set an optimistic intention for the rest of the day.
  1. Mix up your routine. How do you typically start the day? Are you rushing around trying to get ready, or do you have time to gather your thoughts and set yourself up to be productive? Some days may be different from others, but you may notice that you get more accomplished when you enjoy your morning routine. Meditating, exercising or simply taking a few moments to sit quietly and have a cup of coffee can make a big difference.
  1. Try a new environment – similar to your routine, your environment can also have a big impact on your productivity. If you find yourself struggling to focus, switch up your space and see if it makes a difference. Local libraries can make great working spaces, or try a quiet outdoor area. If it’s not possible to change location, you can declutter your desk, write out a mantra to frame by your computer to help you stay focused, or anything that would make the space more enjoyable for you.

Unproductive days happen to everyone. The key is to identify what’s going on and try to renew focus, instead of letting a tough situation bring you down. Remember, tomorrow is a new day, with plenty of new opportunities.

To make the most of your time and simplify the job search process, download Rake today.