Saving to jobs to Rake via email is easy.

Simply send the link of a job description that you want to save to and Rake will put it in your Saved job list.

Please make sure that the link is included in the body of the email and that you only include one link.

You can send the link using your mobile or web email client.

Note: You must send the email from the Email Addresses you used when you created your Rake Account.

If you signed up to Rake with your LinkedIn credentials, please make sure that the email account you use to send emails to Rake is the same email that you use to log into LinkedIn.




Problem: I sent an email but the link never appeared in my list

Rake should save your link within a few seconds. However, it is possible that saving using the email feature may be delayed by a few minutes, or in rare cases, an hour or two; please be patient. If the links never appears in your Save jobs list, please let us know by sending an email to

Note: links that point to a LinkedIn job posting will not be saved to Rake. Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do, due to LinkedIn’s policy.

Problem: I would like to save from more than one email address

Currently Rake users can only associate one email account to their Rake account.  We have plans to allow for multiple email address per account.  If you feel that this feature is really important to you, drop us a line at and let us know.

Problem: I sent multiple links, but only one was added

At the moment, it is only possible to process one link per email. If you send multiple links, only the first will be processed. It is ideal that you only include the link of the job you want to save in the email you send to