If you’re searching for a new job this holiday season, you’ve probably been told something along the lines of “Don’t even bother” or “It’s a waste” at least a couple times. However, is there any truth behind the claims that job searches during the month of December will be fruitless?

Don’t believe the myths

While scoring an interview or getting hired during the holidays may be tougher than during other months, it’s not impossible, and it’s certainly no reason to give up on your search. In fact, many hiring managers want to hire before the new year, and often find themselves still searching into December. So if, like many applicants, you decide to put the job search on pause during the holidays, you may just be passing up an opportunity for your resume to stand out among less competition.

Get that interview early

If you’ve ever taken part in a job search, you already know that interviews can come weeks after submitting your resume, and offers can come even weeks after that. Sending out resumes in early December may lead to interviews in the beginning of the new year.

One common misconception is that many companies choose to wait until after January 1st to hire, so applying during the holiday season is pointless. However, even if the hiring manager does wait until this time, the average timeline of the application process proves that applying in December does no harm. In fact, hiring managers who have interviewed applicants in early or mid-December might just be ready to hire in January. Talk about a great way to start off the new year!

Use the holidays to your advantage

The holidays always provide an excuse for friendly networking. Grabbing lunch with an old friend and treating him to lunch (“Merry Christmas – my treat!”) can be beneficial even if you’re not interested in the company he works for. Plus, holiday parties are also a great opportunity to network. Work is something that will naturally come up in conversation, and there’s nothing wrong with mentioning your job search in non-work related settings. Often, friends are happy to refer you for a position or even mention a company that’s currently hiring.

Sometimes something as simple as sending a few extra greeting cards to old friends or coworkers is enough to get you an interview.  Plus, if you are currently employed, you might find that December can be a little bit slow. If that’s the case, devote your extra time to sending out resumes, while staying dedicated to your current job.

It’s no secret that perseverance leads to success. So don’t use the holidays as an excuse to put your job search on hold! That said, be sure to take some time to relax this holiday season. When you’re rested and ready to jump back into your search, be sure to download Rake to simplify the whole process and find your ideal hit!