If you’re in the middle of a job search, chances are you’ve been giving some thought to the company perks and benefits that come along with each oopening you’ve seen. While we’re sure you’re familiar with some of the more obvious benefits like health care insurance, 401k and pension plans and paid sick days, there are tons of additional perks you may not be aware even exist. Some of the best perks with the most benefits for employees are not as well-known. While we don’t necessarily recommend choosing to work at a company predominantly for its perks, it’s always important to keep in mind the benefits that are being offered to you, because you may be surprised by the extent to which they improve your life.

Check out this list of benefits offered at some of America’s most employee-friendly companies to get an idea of what perks are most important to you:

  • Unlimited Vacation – Your first response to this concept may be “There’s no way that’s real,” but we promise that it is! For some individuals, the freedom that comes with unlimited vacation may be too much of a temptation, so it’s not for everyone. However, companies such as Netflix find that focusing on productivity and efficiency instead of logging hours encourages employees to get their work done early when they’re interested in taking time off.
  • Wellness Plans – Hitting the gym before work becomes a lot simpler when there’s an actual gym at your office! Companies including Google and Facebook are known for their onsite gyms, and have been inspiring others to adapt the same amenity. Additionally, even smaller companies have begun providing gym memberships and even spa services at little to no cost for their employees. What a great way to stay stress-free at work – at zero cost!
  • Extra Maternity and Paternity Paid Leave  – More and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of a paid maternity – and even paternity – leave for families. In fact, Google found that an increased paid maternity leave encouraged more women to return to work after giving birth. Additionally, Facebook allows maternity and paternity leave of up to four months, as Mark Zuckerberg experienced the benefits of having his entire family together when his child was born.
  • Free Snacks and Drinks – Free food at work not only saves you from spending extra money on Starbucks runs, but it also keeps employees energized and ready to work throughout the day. Yes, the 2 pm slump is a real thing, but some companies will actually provide free food to get you through. Believe us, it makes a difference.
  • Education Subsidizing  – Have a bunch of student loans? Yeah, us too, and for a lot of people, even the thought of continuing education seems financially impossible. However, just as much as you want to keep learning, so do many of the companies willing to hire you. In fact, some companies, such as Smuckers, value their employees’ education so much that they’re willing to pay for company-approved courses in totality.
  • Employee Sports or Clubs – There’s no reason that your relationship with your coworkers has to be all work and no play! Besides, chances are you have some of the same interests, considering you work at the same company! For this reason, companies like Viacom offer Employee Affinity Groups – think of them like college clubs for grownups. There’s something about sharing your passions with others that can make work feel a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Onsite Childcare – Childcare is extremely expensive, and it can be stressful to have to lug your child to daycare across town before heading over to work. Some companies such as Goldman Sachs offer free limited or unlimited childcare. This perk could be huge for new parents, especially.

While we don’t necessarily suggest opening your interview with questions related to perks and benefits, it is something to research and get enough information on. In order to find the company that most suits your needs, don’t forget to organize your job search with Rake!

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