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Capture, Engage, and Convert!

Rake is Recruitment Marketing Technology Platform.

We help companies engage and convert interested candidates
who visit their career site.

Qualified Candidates are Visiting Your Career Site and Leaving

Over 40% of candidates who visit your career site don't apply right away.

Who are they? How do you get back in touch with them?

57% of all companies currently have no mechanism to capture interested candidates.

And it's the #1 roadblock to a positive candidate experience.

How Rake Works

A simple but effective way to capture, engage and convert interested candidates.


Meet Tracy, Aashi, and Nathan.

They are qualified and interested.

But left your career site without applying.

Thanks to Rake, you reconnected with them!

Benefits and Features

Your Brand. Your Candidates. Your Success. Five Reasons to Get Rake Today!

Increased Application Conversions

Rake is easy to implement.

You can choose to set it and forget it.

Our marketing platform works behind the scenes.

Automating reminders and dynamic ads retargeting.

Powered by your brand, see increased conversions!


Positive Candidate Experience

Rake Recruitment Marketing Candidate Experience Benefits

Rake’s automated reminder service provides real value to candidates and makes a great first impression.


This coupled with your branded communications, lays the foundation for a positive candidate experience.

Improved Employer Branding

Rake enhances current job pages and improves branding, including social sharing of jobs pages.


Streamlined job application pages along with branded communications.


Get your message in the hands of interested candidates using social and rich media.

Advanced Analytics

Rake’s analytic platform is optimized on the inbound candidate funnel.


Know who is coming to your career site, from where and detailed breakdowns of visitors.


Information to act on. Improve Recruiter pipeline and performance!

Getting Started

Let's us know how we can help? Please reach out by requesting a demo. Thanks!

Join the growing list of companies who are leveraging Rake.

See candidate experience and conversion increase.

Grow your talent pipeline with interested candidates.

Implementing Rake is fast and affordable!

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Seeing is believing.

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